Lynn and James

Another gorgeous day, another gorgeous wedding!

We first met Lynn at her home in Colchester. Somehow we felt we’d known each other for years and we were all so excited about capturing the special day.  Lynn talked us through their plans for the wedding and as it was going to be a smaller, more intimate occasion, we all agreed that our Mini Package would be perfect for them.

The wedding ceremony was at the Town Hall in Colchester, a beautiful elegant setting in Colchester’s High Street. We were busy capturing their guests arriving whilst curious shoppers stopped for a few minutes to get a glimpse of the bride’s arrival.

We had fun with James, the groom, as he posed proudly on the steps of the Town Hall before taking his place in the ceremony room. He and his friends enjoyed plenty of banter as they waited in the sunshine.

Then the bride arrived, looking so elegant in her knee length dress and wearing a huge smile. We used the balcony to capture an ariel shot of her arrival which gave a nice new angle.

The ceremony was lovely and with two photographers we were able to capture the majesty of the room from many different angles. So many smiles and so much happiness filled the room that day, such an honour to be part of their special day.

We were lucky to have permission from the Mayor of Colchester to use the balcony at the Town Hall, a great place for some pictures and to wave at passing shoppers! Then we used the main staircase to capture the group photographs. The staircase is so elegant and made the perfect background.

Afterwards the party walked to Granata’s, a favourite restaurant of theirs on North Hill and with the Bride striding through the Dutch Quarter in Colchester, quite impressive in those heels, we had to run to keep up! The old buildings made for some lovely shots of the party as they made their way down the hill.

The photographs were edited and finalised ready for viewing. They’d requested high resolution images on disk and as a surprise we also prepared a mounted print for them too. We delivered their photographs to them at home and throughout the slideshow Lynn stayed strong..until we presented her with the print, then she crumpled. Sorry Lynn …

Here are some of photographs of the day:

Gemini-Wedding-Photography-1 Gemini-Wedding-Photography-2 Gemini-Wedding-Photography-3 Gemini-Wedding-Photography-4 Gemini-Wedding-Photography-5 Gemini-Wedding-Photography-6 Gemini-Wedding-Photography-7 Gemini-Wedding-Photography-8 Gemini-Wedding-Photography-9 Gemini-Wedding-Photography-10 Gemini-Wedding-Photography-11 Gemini-Wedding-Photography-12 Gemini-Wedding-Photography-13 Gemini-Wedding-Photography-14 Gemini-Wedding-Photography-15 Gemini-Wedding-Photography-16 Gemini-Wedding-Photography-17